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The belts and buckles are elements that go completely hand in hand when choosing the ideal wardrobe for any occasion, because while the belts keep the pants, dresses and blouses in place, the buckle fulfills the important function of adjust the belt chosen to keep everything in order, so both fulfill important roles that complement the clothing for both men and women since they make the difference when it comes to giving that touch you are looking for your clothes, depending of the occasion.
Types of belts and buckles.
There are different types belts and buckles that perfectly complement your way of dressing, this, depending on whether it is man or woman who will use them, for both cases can be presented:
1. Belts to dress.
2. Belts for suit.
3. Party belts.
4. Belts for jeans.
5. Casual Belts
These belts can be wide, thin, short or long according to the preference and occasion required.
As far as buckles are concerned, there is a variety of styles that not only fulfill their function of belt adjustment, but also works perfectly as an accessory that you must combine with the rest of the garments such as purses, shoes, earrings or bracelets to make you look totally amazing when dressing. Some of the types of buckles that we can find are:
1. Traditional buckles: which have a metal ring with two pins or metallic tongues that go in the holes of the belt to keep it in place, ensuring a more secure closure.
2. Snap buckles: which have two pieces of metal that must be pressed into a hollow clip at the other end of the belt to hold it securely once the pieces are in place and released outward.
3. Clip buckles: many of these buckles are decorated and of a large size, they have a large metal plate with a pin on the back, which is inserted into a hole in the other end of the belt to secure it. Both these buckles as the pressure, can be metal or plastic, decorated in various ways.
Benefits of belts with buckles.
Regardless if you are male or female, there are many benefits to be gained by using a buckle belt, some of them can be listed as follows:
1. The belt buckles open a new spectrum for the expression of men, giving them a more sophisticated touch when dressing, since men's clothing is much more conservative than women's, so they have fewer options for express your style
2. They are easier to remove than a belt with a bow.
3. The buckle of the belts is an ideal option to add that missing seasoning to a set, without necessarily having to be extravagant when wearing one of these.

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