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One of the elements that give the final touch to our way of dressing are the belts, which helps us to get the look we want so much depending on the occasion we assist and now there are many options that we can choose as soon as possible. a belts for women is concerned, as each one has a unique quality that perfectly matches with some clothes that you have in your closet, but do not forget that just as you can look amazing by adding the perfect belt to your look, you can also ruin it completely if you choose the wrong one
Options where you can wear the belts for women.
Many are the materials used in making belts, so it is possible that many are genuine leather belts, belts in genuine leather, belts with embroidery or leather belts. The truth is that the material you choose to choose must go according to your wardrobe and here we present some options to show off your belts.
1. Belt between the chest and the waist: if you are a woman with little bust this option is ideal for you, since you can wear the belt below the chest and above the waist, making it help you highlight it . This style can be combined with straight or flying dresses and is also perfect for plump women if you want to disguise those extra pounds.
2. Belt to the waist: that style is ideal for thin and tall women, as it stylizes and balances the figure, while achieving the perfect combination with high waist and narrow pants. For this look, forget about extravagant buckles and focus on simpler ones to avoid damaging it.
3. Belt to the hip: this option is ideal for women with a lot of weight and short waist, which you can combine with wide garments if you want to hide or disguise some kind of well-pronounced roll or chest and remember to use it with shirts outside the pants .
Type of belts for women.
Regardless of the occasion, there are two types of belts that you can use to not go unnoticed anywhere, which are:
1. Width: the use of this type of belts accentuates curves and gives different parts of the body volume, which is why if you are tall and thin, this option is ideal for you, because with the use of this complement You can shape your figure the way you want so much.
2. Fine: this type of belt combines perfectly with any item of clothing as well as favoring all types of bodies, being the ideal complement for women with curves because it stylizes its silhouette and marks its waist, helping in turn, to hide the wide hips, giving them, less volume. The thin belt helps you both to hold the pants, and to give the ideal touch to your wardrobe to highlight your silhouette.

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