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It can be said that currently there are many fashion belts, because they have remained constant with the passage of time, taking year after year spectacular models that never cease to amaze us and for which we always want to be in a store acquiring one new. Because it is not only a garment to fasten pants, belts have become one of the most important accessories when it comes to dressing for both men and women, because they provide a more elegant or casual touch depending on the occasion, adding a unique style and a wonderful dress if it is properly combined with the other garments.
Fashion belts for women.
As far as styles and trends are concerned, women's belts can not be missing in your wardrobe, since they never go out of style, being an ideal alternative to combine with your accessories and other clothing that help you highlight your beauty feminine, so we bring you some recommendations to properly use the belts and be fashionable at the same time.
1. Regardless of the model, do not use the belt too tight, otherwise, it will not look good that you look too fitted.
2. If you are short, it is not recommended that you use wide belts, as they tend to shorten the body using the hips.
3. The thin belts are usually used in the waist, and it is advisable to place them with A-cut dresses or empires, being important that they are not the same color so that they stand out.
4. If you have a short trunk, it is recommended that you use the belt of the same color as the shirt or dress depending on the scenario.
5. If you are a woman with a thin waist, we recommend using wide belts in the narrowest part of your waist to define it.
6. If instead you want to hide some rolls, we recommend using unicolor belts without striking buckles which will only make the eyes focus on this garment, so it will be difficult to meet the objective.
Belts for men.
Although it seems not to be so relevant, the use of tailored belts in men's clothing is of utmost importance, because it gives a touch of elegance and sophistication at the time of dressing, that is why you can choose The right one for every occasion is necessary when choosing the belt. That being the case, we give you a series of recommendations to choose the belt:
1. First of all it is important to take into account the width and the length of the belt.
2. It is important to choose a slim belt when the occasion is formal and one with more volume when you wear jeans and a shirt.
3. If you want to look impeccable, acquire a belt that suits the occasion and you can place it in the second or third hole, so you do not over a very long piece that leads you to see completely out of place.
4. There are three styles that are more used and you should choose very well according to the occasion, which are smooth, braided and split.

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