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The belts, are a garment for both men and women who not only perform the function of holding the pants, but also to give a touch to the dress whether elegant, casual, sports, luxury or any other feature that is I want to add to it. Having its beginnings in the Bronze Age, the belt is a garment that has remained with the passage of time, positioning itself as one of the best accessories at the time of dressing, depending on the trends that are fashionable according to be the time.
Name with which the belts are known.
Although they are widely used worldwide by millions of people, belts can change their name depending on the area or region in which you are, for example:
1. Belt: in countries such as Chile, Spain, Mexico, the Philippines and Uruguay.
2. Correa: in countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Spain (to refer to the body of the belt without the buckle, not the full belt), Peru and Ecuador.
3. Belt: in other countries such as Costa Rica and Honduras.
4. Cinto: in Argentina, Cuba, Uruguay, Paraguay (less common).
5. Cincho: in Central America (depends on the country), Caribbean islands and Mexico.
Information you must know before purchasing a belt.
It seems that it is very easy to go to the store to choose a belt and buy it, however, there are a number of things you should know before purchasing it so that you do not have to return it, give it away or sell it, for that reason, we bring you some the things you should know before buying a new one, whether it be elegant belts, luxury belts, casual belts or any other.
1. Once you know your size, it is important to buy the belt 2 or 3 sizes larger than you use, so, if your waist is 34, it would be advisable to buy it size 36, for example.
2. It is very important that you have well thought and clear for which occasion you will use the belt and then proceed to choose the material, because for example if you want to dress for a formal occasion, the one you should choose is undoubtedly are leather belts, And if, on the other hand, you want to wear casual belts, you can use one of cloth or silicone that is usually more colorful, although many will love those made of leather.
3. There is a difference between formal belts and casual belts, since the former are made of leather, with a striking buckle or not very large and are usually thin. Conversely, casual belts can be made of any material as long as they fit your style.
4. Choose the ideal color for your belt is very important, so if you go for a formal one, this should match the color of your shoes as well as the buckle should match the color of the accessories you are going to use, either gold or silver. For casual belts it is important to combine with the shoes, although everything is valid when you have tennis and jeans.
It is very important that you take care of your belts without wrapping them, as this can crack the skin if it is leather, a good option is to hang them on hooks so that this does not happen.

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